Fuel4mance is owned by Bob Seebohar, a competitive athlete for over 30 years and one of the top sport dietitians in the country.  His approach to sports nutrition is as an athlete, coach and as a sport dietitian.  He shares the same physical, mental and nutritional preparation that you do in the quest for optimal performance and he understands the demands and challenges of sport.  

Bob’s nutrition concepts and approach to athletes is promoted in the Fuel4mance athlete model.  Fuel4mance uses real-life, simple to implement nutritional strategies that have been highly successful for the amateur, recreational athlete and the Olympic medalist.  

Fuel4mance does not promote calorie-counting sport nutrition practices.  We focus on the behavioral approach to sport nutrition and this method has proven successful time after time with many different types of athletes.

When it comes to nutrition, Fuel4mance believes that “simple is sustainable” and we are focused on delivering complex nutrition messages that are easy to understand and implement.

At the end of the day, Fuel4mance operates on one simple goal: