Leadville nutrition

I have finally analyzed my nutrition from Leadville partly in hopes to figure out why my gut went sour but the numbers didn't tell me much. The photo is of me on top of 12,600 foot Hope Pass attempting to eat a piece of white bread. This is where the gut started to get bad!

Here is first a laundry list of the foods and beverages I chose throughout my adventure:
-Clif Shot Electrolyte beverage (lemonade flavor)
-First Endurance EFS beverage
-Electrolyte powder (770 mg of sodium per serving!)
-First Endurance EFS energy bars
-First Endurance Pre-Race
-Mashed potatoes
-Cheese sandwiches
-White bread
-Ramen noodles/soup
-Powerbar powergels

My nutrients totals for the just over 17 hours that I did complete include the following per hour:
-Calories: 173 (goal of 300-350)
-Carbohydrate: 38 grams (goal of 60-70)
-Protein: 2 grams (goal of 6-10)
-Branched chain amino acids: 1136 milligrams (no set goal)
-Fat: 1.8 grams (goal was minimal)
-Sodium: 455 milligrams (goal was 800-1000)
-Caffeine: 89 milligrams (no set goal)
-Fluid: 16 ounces (goa of 20-24)

Now, while it looked like I did horrible at meeting my nutrition goals, I was almost spot on to my set nutrition goals through the first 40 miles . It wasn't until the last 20 where my nutrition started going downhill and not until the last 10 miles where it went downhill very quickly! There was a steady decline in my calories, carbohydrate, fluid and sodium intake the last 10 miles which was a product of my vomiting and inability to hold any foods or fluids down.

All in all, it was a very successful race from a nutrition standpoint until about mile 50. I suspect it was partly due to altitude and the illness that plagued me for 3 weeks prior to the race.

I'm still extremely happy with my decision at mile 60 to not continue and feel that I "grew up" as an endurance athlete during those 30 minutes of contemplating if it was worth my long-term health to try to finish.

Nothing is more important in life than our health. Embrace it. Cherish it. For it is what allows you to live the quality life that you do and enjoy the journey we call life!

Thanks for reading!

Coach Bob