The Day After

I left the triathlon training camp to go to Salt Lake City (SLC) to present to a Level I USA Triathlon coaching clinic. I left my hotel in Arizona at 6:00am and arrived in SLC at 10:30. I hopped in a taxi to the University of Utah where the clinic was and ate a little lunch before I was "on". I presented about Nutrition Periodization and Functional Training for Triathletes. As usual, it was a great group of coaches who were very interactive with great questions. I like to challenge coaches to think outside the box when it comes to nutrition and strength training and they did very well.

After my presentations, I was extremely tired as the week finally caught up to me but still managed to get out with the group for a social get together and some grub. We went to a local pub and who would you think I had the pleasure of sitting with and chatting during dinner than the one and only 2007 Ironman World Champion, Chris McCormack. It turns out he was attending the coaching clinic to seek his coaching certification. I have to say, I have met quite a few elite triathletes and Chris is a class act. Very down to earth, tell you like it is and quite entertaining. He is a great overall person who has a great head on his shoulders. He gives back to the sport quite a bit and puts a lot of energy into focusing on kids. I totally respect that and him as a person.

Dinner lasted until about 11:00pm and then it was back to my hotel to try to muster up any sleep I could before heading off to the airport the next morning early to get home to the family for the Easter weekend.

What a great week for Coach Bob. I was in my element in the field with top-notch athletes doing what I truly love doing...helping athletes learn about their bodies, have fun and improve their performance through nutrition!

Happy Easter everyone!

Coach Bob