Down and Out

Well, I thought I would share a not so luxurious side of my days here. Today I spent most of the day helping set up the pool (yes, again as there seems to always be some new challenge that we need to take care of) and helping move Judo mats from one end of the building upstairs to a new location. All of this is great as we are all preparing for our athletes to come to train and it really is a great team effort.
What's not so great is having to pass this one particular area of the building where the pool is located. Walking by the public restrooms presents a challenge to one of the body's senses and the fragrance is so strong that it will nearly take your breath away (I try to hold mine!). There are some interesting and different practices that the people here adopt and let's just say that restrooms are very, very different from ours in the U.S.
Here's a photo to give you the visual and fortunately, I am saving the other sensory feedback for your imagination. Let's just say that the wastebasket you see beside the isometric squat toilet is not for toilet paper that you use for blowing your nose...you figure the rest out!

Coach Bob