Last Post from China

I am down to my last two days in Beijing and believe me, I am counting down the hours until I reach Colorado soil and have my arms around my three kids and wonderful wife. This entire experience has been nothing short of phenomenal but it is definitely time to go home now.

As I reflect on my 5 weeks at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, I am very thankful for the opportunity that was presented to me. At a staff function last night, a colleague asked me what the most memorable time was for me during the Games and hands down it has been coaching Sarah to her Olympic debut as well as being embedded with the triathlon team to provide nutrition services. I will never forget this experience and will use it as a building block that will make me an even better coach and sport dietitian.

All in all, it has been a wonderful trip. The Chinese people have been very welcoming and kind and the city really did a great job on the world stage with its "coming out" party. I am thoroughly impressed by the amount of resources that were given to these Games and would give it a thumbs up on China's behalf.

I am told our internet may be discontinued before I leave so I thought I would end my last blog from China with a little humor:

Items I will not miss...
1. Having to drink bottled water all of the time (boy do I miss drinking refreshing tap water!).
2. Having to use bottled water to brush my teeth and rinse out my toothbrush (luckily, I didn't forget once!).
3. Having to consciously think of keeping my mouth closed in the shower (had to curb my passion of singing in the shower...NOT!).
4. The rancid smell inside my small room when I turn off the air (was it my sandals or something else? Who knows but I really didn't want to find out!).
5. Chinese television (mostly martial arts soap operas and news that I cannot understand).
6. Riding in taxi cabs. I felt like my life was in danger each time I got in a cab...much worse than any city or country I have been to.

And probably the top item I will not miss...HUMIDITY! Bring back my dry climate of the Colorado mountains!

I will be spending some serious time with my family when I return home so I will not blog again until around mid-September. Until next time...

Coach Bob