Being out of shape is no fun

My wife's mom's birthday party was this weekend so I decided to hop on my road bike to get in a little training with a short (16 mile) one-way commute.  It was fantastic being on the bike again and going there was awesome.   I took a nice 3-hour break to enjoy the family festivities and shoot some hoop and play soccer with all of the kids then I hopped back on my bike en route to the Seebohar casa.

The ride back was much better as the sun had come out and the Colorado afternoon was picture perfect!  I zipped into my driveway and dismounted the bike only to feel a very strange sensation. "What is wrong with me?" I asked myself.  Was I sick?  Was my head still a bit wobbly from my mountain bike crash a couple of weeks ago?

Nope...that feeling was something that I have not felt in a while, about 4 months to be exact (that's how long I have not been running because of my Achilles "challenge").  The feeling of FATIGUE!  Ah!  I love it!  I was finally tired from a training session and while it was only 32 miles with a break in the middle, it was good to experience that type of fatigue that validates why you do what you do.

Okay, next check-in and blog should be post my first run back...at least I hope so as next week I may try to attempt a very short run!

Stay tuned!

Coach Bob