Where in the world is Bob?

Okay, maybe "world" is not the best descriptor as I have not left the country but the past 16 days have been crazy! I have been to Oregon to support Sarah and Becky at Elite Nationals and to present at the USAT Art and Science Symposium, Virginia to present at a Strength Symposium, Iowa to present to high school athletes and other groups about nutrition and my experience at the Olympics, Arizona to speak at a sports nutrition conference and finally Louisiana to speak at a USAT Coaching certification clinic on nutrition periodization and strength training.

Whew! I'm back now and enjoying some down time. Not really, I'm back to work but am very happy to be home with my kiddos!

And great news...my Achilles is getting better finally! I went for a 30 minute walk while in Arizona and did 2x30 second jogs and didn't feel anything the next morning. Great news which I hope means good stuff for the future! I'm getting a pair of orthotics hopefully this week and will try to hit the roads (albeit flat) hopefully by this weekend. Stay tuned...

Coach Bob