Random thoughts with Leadville fast approaching

I wanted to reflect on a few things with 5 days to go until the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race, 6 days until the Leadville 10k running race and 12 days until the big daddy, the Leadville 100 mile running race.

Injury status:
Boy, my Achilles was doing pretty good and it has been the last few days where it has really given me a sign that it needs a break.  I hear ya loud and clear.  Going to chill for a couple days, especially leading into race weekend.  Worry factor (1-10 with 10 being very worried): 5.

I went on a great 6 hour mountain bike ride today and during one of the killer climbs, my front tire slipped on a root which forced me to stop.  Unfortunately, I slammed my right patella into my handlebar and it's not feeling too good right now.  Pretty sure it is a temporary thing but it did affect my power on climbs the rest of the ride.  Worry factor: 3.

Training status:
I have just absolutely nailed most of my training as of late.  I have at least 1-2 days of rest each week and have been putting in some good miles on the run.  This week marked my 11th consecutive week of doing at least one marathon in a training day or race.  I feel very, very confident with my run right now...just need to manage this Achilles well in the next couple of weeks.

Biking has been a bit less on the volume side.  My confidence is good for the technical aspects but haven't gotten in a whole lot of volume.  However, not too worried about it since my goal for the mountain bike is to just finish without getting hurt.

Nutrition status:
My improving and maintaining metabolic efficiency experiment with myself this summer during my precompetition and race cycles has been tremendous.  I have been shifting my body's ability to oxidize fats during training more and more through a few manipulations of my daily and training nutrition.  I have been normally averaging about 90-150 calories per hour on long endurance sessions as well as interval sessions such as hill repeats.  No negative response to running speed, power output or fatigue.  Phenomenal results so far.

In fact, I have been having a few athletes do similar things in training and they are also finding the same great results.  I firmly believe that this part of physiology and sports nutrition has never been looked at as there is no research to discuss its impact on performance.  However, my mini-case study experiments are proof enough for me that metabolic efficiency can be maintained and even improved throughout a race season.

Lastly, on a completely different topic, my oldest son just completed his first triathlon yesterday.  I am SO incredibly proud of him and I must be the happiest dad on the planet! Great job Chase! My daughter told me that she wants to do her first tri next summer.  Love it!

More updates coming more frequently as I lead up to Leadville.  Be sure to also follow me on Twitter.  www.twitter.com/bobseebohar

Coach Bob