Bob's Holidays Yummies (Recipes)

I had a lot of questions this holiday season about my special recipes for my homemade concoctions I put together for Christmas. First a bit of background...I am Italian (I know, the last name does not say it but trust me, it's on my Mom's side). Thus, each holiday is strewn with large family gatherings and homemade goodies. Everything from homemade pasta to sauce to succulent meats (back in the days when I ate meat) to cannoli's and pizzelle's.

This is my heritage, how I grew up. I was mostly an observer in the kitchen while growing up but shifted that to "creator" once I started living on my own in college. I have experimented with many of my families classic dishes and have mixed and matched (sometimes not to my Mom's approval!) and have modified many to make my own based on my nutrition knowledge and tastes (and lack of meat in my daily plan).

I continue to create in the kitchen each holiday season but I thought I would share a few of the line-up dishes I made this year. Remember, I'm Italian. I don't know amounts so you will have to figure out quantities on your own for many of these. Trust your taste buds...that's the way cooking should be!

A pasta machine and ravioli press are handy to make these creations.

Yummy #1
Pumpkin Pecan Ravioli
-Dough (semolina flour, egg, EVOO, water)
-Filling (pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey)
-Sauce "bar" (EVOO, basil, salt, pepper, parmesan cheese)

Yummy #2
Garlic, Basil, Oregano Fettucini
-Semolina flour, eggs, EVOO, water, minced garlic, oregano, basil)
Of course, you have to get just the right amount of the spices to it creates a "melt in your mouth" experience

Yummy #3
Red sauce to be used with Yummy #2
-Sorry, family recipe, can't share with you too much other than I like it chunky!

Yummy #4
Nutmeg Fettucini
-Semolina flour, eggs, EVOO, water, nutmeg
Drizzle with EVOO and parmesan cheese

Yummy #5
Cinnamon Fettucini (yes, I said cinnamon!)
I wanted to experiment a bit this year...
-Semolina flour, eggs, EVOO, water, cinnamon
Best to put a bit of Smart Balance and parmesan cheese on top!

There you have it...hope you enjoy and no, these will not go into my Metabolic Efficiency Cookbook anytime soon! At least not until I modify them a bit!

Happy Holidays!

Coach Bob