Fat burning...interesting observation

So, there I was, flipping through my latest edition of Inside Triathlon (Jan/Feb 2010), and I came upon an article written by Torbjorn Sindballe. The title of the article: Heat Shield, hard science, heat labs and custom gear helped me finally win a five-year battle against the heat and humidity of Kona.

Great article by Torbjorn describing the strategies he has implied over the years to improve his body's ability to cope with the environmental conditions of Kona. Interestingly, one of the topics he mentions is Fat Burning. Of course, this was of keen interest to me and I was curious to his thoughts and strategies.

Throughout his paragraph, he describes his lack of ability to rely more on carbohydrates in a warmer race versus a cooler race and how he worked on increasing his body's ability to use fat as fuel. (Kind of sounding familiar to me and really began peaking my interest based on my Metabolic Efficiency Concept). He states that he did many rides drinking only water to stimulate the enzymes in fat metabolism during exercise (again, one of my key strategies working with athletes, especially in the preparatory cycle). Lastly, he describes how he increased the fat in his daily diet for 5-7 days before the race to increase his body's ability to burn fats as fuel.

Here I am thinking to myself, "wow, this elite is doing almost all of the strategies I have been promoting for years in his preparation for one of his biggest races".

Many athletes have been asking me if my metabolic efficiency principles work and I have had a athletes have extreme success with it this year under my guidance but here is an example of an elite triathlete implementing similar concepts and having great success with it.

So, what do you think? Sounds good, I am sure. I guarantee my Metabolic Efficiency concept begins to build more steam over the next few years and redefines how we (sport dietitians, coaches and athletes) approach nutrition for athletes of all sports, ages and abilities.

It's here people. You owe it to yourself to improve your metabolic efficiency which has a profound (positive) effect on your health and performance!

Coach Bob
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