Powdered peanut butter

Yes, you read the title right...powdered peanut butter. Bell Plantation makes it and it is one of the best products on the market. I actually prescribed it to quite a few of our 2008 Summer Olympic athletes to bring with them to China.

PB2 is the name and a healthier version of peanut butter is their game. Here are some of the key benefits from my perspective:

1. It is powder so you can travel with it and not have it taken away by TSA or risk breaking or exploding in checked bags.
2. All you need is a bit of water to mix it into a very tasty peanut butter. Heck, you don't even need water if you don't want! Just put a spoonful right in your mouth but be sure to have some milk ready to chase it down!

3. Nutrition info will blow you away:
Per 2 tbsp it has:
-53.2 calories
-1.87 grams of fat
-0.34 grams of saturated fat
-77 mg of sodium
-3.4 grams of carbohydrate
-1.66 grams of sugar
-5.65 grams of protein

4. You can put it into just about anything. I personally like it in my morning bowl of blueberries, plain yogurt, hemp seed, walnuts and whey protein powder.

5. Kids love it! Mine ask for it by name. Enough said!

I would highly recommend trying it. More information can be found at:


Coach Bob