Compression clothing and training

I was out for a run (yes, a trail run-see my post below!) today with my wife and a friend. While running, I learned that our friend also has had achilles issues so I was telling her about the benefit of wearing compression clothing (socks, tights, knickers) and how much that had helped me with my achilles challenges. Just a few weeks ago, I was turned on to a new company that makes compression clothing and WOW is the only word to describe their products, thus I thought I would blog about my experience.

As an exercise physiologist, strength coach and a USA Triathlon certified Level III elite coach, I know a thing or two about the physiology of compression and as an endurance athlete for 18 years, I have worn my fair share of compression clothing. I met Nathan at 110% (www.110playharder.com) through an Ironman athlete whom I coach. After looking over the 110% website, I was intrigued so I reached out to Nathan to discuss his products and the science behind them. Yes, there are many compression options on the market for athletes but this one in particular combines gradient compression with ice sleeves built right in the garment. Brilliant!

I got my hands on a pair of their knickers and have worn them for three runs (during and post run). When I first put them on, I first noticed how easy they were to put on (this is not true for some other compression clothing on the market). I then noticed immediately the graduated compression leading to better blood flow and the top quality manufacturing put into the compression clothing. While I have not yet tried the ice sleeves, the compression is second to none from all of the products that I have tried. The knickers provide great support around my knees, quads, hamstrings and gluts throughout training and post training they are a pleasure to wear in speeding my recovery. Additionally, the ice sleeves are great to put water flasks, electrolytes or nutrition during training.

These knickers are a crucial part to every training session that I do, and while I wish I would have had them for my Leadville training the past few years, they will be an integral part of my triathlon training next season. I can't wait to try the ice sleeves post training so I can stop jumping in the river (that feels good in the summer but not so much as I enter the winter months of Colorado)! I would highly recommend 110% compression products to any athlete. They really work wonders!

Check them out at www.110playharder.com.

Coach Bob