Dina's nutrition prep for Boston: Part 2

Tomorrow is race day. This past week has been my taper week, so my training volume was significantly lower with some shorter high intensity work. I did a short run this morning with some strides to get the legs turning over. Coming from Colorado, I can feel the difference in oxygen immediately!

But what about nutrition? Wanna know my secrets for this week? For starters, I haven’t needed to eat as much due to lower training volume. This isn’t something I’ve had to consciously think about. I have simply listened to my biological hunger to guide me. Granted, I am feeling the anticipation of race day, but I have tried to be mindful of emotional/stress-induced eating versus biological need. My weight on the scale yesterday morning showed no weight gain from one week before, which makes me mentally feel better.

Adequate hydration is key, of course. I have been monitoring urine color and frequency more closely the past couple of days to make sure I see a lemonade color throughout the day. I am not drinking any special electrolyte formulas or fancy potions. The forecast for race day looks great - around 60 degrees. Because of this mild temperature (albeit more humid than what I am used to) and because I am not a particularly heavy sweater, I may do some small amount of sodium loading and I will salt my dinner a little. Water is my beverage of choice, but careful not to hyperhydrate.

If you read my previous blog, you know I have been eating metabolically efficient since January. Although many athletes think of carbohydrate loading prior to an endurance event, I have not changed my daily nutrition patterns this week and do not have any intentions to change my nutrition during these last 24 hours. I know the standard sport nutrition guidelines recommend far higher amounts of carbohydrate than what I have planned, but I am going against the grain (pun intended!). I have not added grains back into my nutrition, but I am still getting carbohydrates from my fruits, vegetables (starchy and non-starchy), dairy, and my morning peanut butter. My evening meal is one I have practiced many times the night before a long run: grilled chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes with olive oil. And no new foods today, even at the Expo!

I have been training my body to be more efficient at using its fat stores for energy these past three months and now it is time for me to test this in a longer race setting. So, wrong or right, this is where I’m at with my Boston preparation. It’s been quite simple, actually. For tomorrow, I have a Nutrition Plan A and a Plan B. My pre-race Plan A is based around a morning cup of coffee, water with electrolyte, and a chocolate Generation UCAN. I am carrying my own electrolyte mix for the run along with a handful of Gu Chomps for the last quarter of the race if needed. I won’t disclose my Plan B here, but I will post a race day report with details soon. Stay tuned.