Is this for real?

I thought I would further experiment with the Generation UCAN SuperStarch product today during double quality training sessions. I had a quality masters swim and an 8 mile run with intervals. I had been using UCAN during my breakfast concoction and have recently progressed to timing it before workouts. I have to say, today was extremely successful but not surprising to me based on the science and knowledge of the UCAN product.

So, I started my day with my regular smoothie mix of frozen blueberries, chocolate UCAN, chia seed gel, cinnamon and water at 7:00am. I then had a lemonade UCAN mixed with water and First Endurance Pre-race (caffeine) dosed to my body weight at 9:00am. Masters swim was from 10:00-11:30am and was a doozy of a workout today as usual (thanks Coach Susan Williams from Elite Multisport Coaching).

My swim was phenomenal and I think I even surprised Coach Susan coming in on the intervals I did. I had a great deal of force in the water with my pull today and never lost energy the entire 90 minutes. In fact, as I will discuss in a future blog post, I do believe there is an association with lactate buffering and using the Generation UCAN product. My muscles never fatigued or "burned" as they used to since implementing the nutrient timing system with Generation UCAN products.

I finished the 4000 yard workout and put in another 100 just for the fun of it after the group was gone. I got out of the pool at 11:38am. I then hustled home for my 8 mile interval run.

I had a vanilla UCAN packet with a sprinkle of cinnamon mixed in more of a gel format in a gel flask at 12:15pm, nothing more (I wasn't hungry at all after swimming so I waited a bit but also knew that I wanted to try the UCAN in between workouts). I began my 8 mile interval run on the treadmill at 12:55pm and did the following workout at 1% incline:

1 mile warm up at 8.0 mph
4x 1 1/4 miles split into 400 meters done at progressing speeds of 8.5, 8.8, 9.1, 9.4 and 9.7 mph with a 400 jog at 8.o mph after each set
4x 1/4 miles at 10.2 mph (5:53 min/mile) with a 400 jog at 8.0 mph
1/2 mile cool down at 8.5 mph

I attacked the entire run, never fell off pace, form or cadence with extremely steady energy the entire 54 minutes and 15 seconds of the run.

Two high quality workouts spanning 4 hours done on 3 packets of UCAN with the extra additions in my morning smoothie and the First Endurance Pre-Race product. Minimal calories with high energy expenditures. This speaks volumes about making my body metabolically efficient but it is also very important as it allowed me to dial in a nutrient timing system using the Generation UCAN products. These products can be used with huge success before workouts. And yes, the addition to caffeine to my plan is on purpose as I use it for its ergogenic benefits dosed specifically on my body weight (you can find out more about this in my e-book found at the Fuel4mance website).

Next up is the experiment of trying Generation UCAN during longer quality sessions. I'll try this on my longer run this week and report back! I also have a simulated Olympic distance triathlon in which I plan on exploring the effects of UCAN on a race pace scenario so stay tuned!

Coach Bob