10 Reasons to Love Metabolic Efficiency Training

I started (seriously) adapting my nutrition to improve my metabolic efficiency at the beginning of 2011 when I began my Boston marathon training. How has it been working for me? So far, so good! Whether you are or are not a follower of metabolic efficiency training, I thought I would share with you my top 10 reasons I am liking (actually, loving) metabolic efficiency training.

  1. No energy level crash. By combining the right foods at meals and snacks, I have stable energy levels throughout the day. I get to choose the foods I like. No one dictates what I eat, how I prepare it or how much of it I eat.
  2. Feeling good in my clothes. My body weight has decreased by 7% and body fat percentage by approximately 4%. Forget about those numbers though... what I really enjoy is that I fit comfortably into a pant size that I haven’t worn for quite a while.
  3. I feel healthy. And my last blood draw in March to check my lipid panel showed improved cholesterol numbers. They weren’t that “bad” last year, but they’re even better now.
  4. I am free.... free from gobbling and goo’ing those various sports nutrition products every 30-45 minutes during training sessions. I consume electrolytes, water, and don’t need any calories for any workouts under 2.5 hours. I will continue to experiment with this as I undertake my longer triathlon training sessions this summer.
  5. GI distress gone during training sessions - because of #4 above. What a relief the GI monster doesn’t rear its ugly head and get in my way of quality training.
  6. No calorie counting. Unnecessary. I use Bob’s periodization plates™ as my primary guide for each time I eat.
  7. More color on my plate. Yes, I am a sport dietitian and yes, I am a vegetable lover. However, this nutrition adaptation has encouraged me to expand my “vegetable rotation” to include more variety and a willingness to experiment more.
  8. No grain, no pain. I took out grains, which was indeed a big change for me (I used to eat at least 5 servings daily). By changing the composition of my daily nutrition, I have been teaching my body to use its internal fat stores more efficiently for energy. This relates to almost all of the above points!
  9. Going faster. I have set new PRs in my marathon, half marathon, and 10K times this year and I am no spring chicken. Granted, my new coach has helped me get stronger and I do more high intensity training. But, I know my nutrition changes have had a significant impact.
  10. Role model. As a Fuel4mance sports dietitian, I walk the talk. I practice metabolic efficiency training and I am an athlete. I understand the challenges, but I will be able to help you get closer to your goals.

What are the reasons you like metabolic efficiency training? Share your reasons here or hop on our Facebook wall and let us know.



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