Race Day Nutrition Plan for Half-Ironman

If you read my blog from earlier this week, you know that I am participating in the Harvest Moon half Ironman in Aurora, Colorado, this weekend. It will be my first longer course triathlon and I have to admit I am feeling anxious yet positive about this race.

Bob and I thought it might be interesting to some readers to post my nutrition plan and a few other details for race day. My wave starts at 7:30a, so here is my plan based on my estimated times for each leg:

- 3:45a Wake up. Begin hydration plan.

- 4:15a Leave house (I live 90 minutes away from the Aurora Reservoir). Sleep in car if my husband will drive me.

- 5:00a Coffee - it’s my usual morning routine.

- 5:30a Start SaltSticks, my electrolyte of choice (and using acute sodium loading protocol per Bob’s Sodium Loading for Endurance Athletes e-book)

- 6:30a 1 chocolate UCAN mixed with 1/2 scoop First Endurance PreRace powder

  • Bike mile 5: start sipping bottle of 1 chocolate UCAN mix mixed with 1 cran-raz UCAN. Aim to consume 1/2 bottle by mile 15. Drink only water after mile 15; grab extra bottle at mile 30 (aid station).
  • Bike mile 32: start sipping the rest of the UCAN bottle. Aim to finish by mile 40 after which the course starts its “rollers” again.
  • Sip from gel flask containing cran-raz UCAN during miles 2 through 5 on run. Drink water at aid stations.

Well, folks, I’ve revealed my plan to you. As you can see, it is fairly simple, but it will provide me a total of 640 calories from the start of my day through the race. I do have a backup plan in case something should go awry, but I will spare those details for now and report back to you with the results after race day. Check back early next week!

Dina Griffin, MS, RD, CSSD


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