30, UCAN and Hoka's

My latest stop in proving that you can train for a 40 mile run in 4 weeks was my last long run before my 40 next week...30.1 miles yesterday. It was a great, crisp Colorado morning as I headed out after the kids left for school. I stayed low due to the recent snow making the trails super muddy so covered rolling hills on both pavement and dirt.

My goal was to try to be more conservative with my pace throughout (because I just like to go fast). I established that fairly well with the help of my Garmin. I was wearing my Hoka shoes, compression socks and 110% compression knickers. On my back was my Nathan pack filled with 70 ounces of water and armed with 3 flasks of Chocolate Generation UCAN paste with SaltStick capsules for extra electrolytes.

I must say, the first 23 miles or so were not too difficult and were without issue except for minor hot spots developing on both arches. I had to stop to tighten my laces on the Hoka's which proved to do the trick but I think a different lacing system or upper could really fix that issue.

At about the 24 mile mark, my body started to give me some feedback: FATIGUE. I have been ramping up my miles fairly aggressively these last 4 weeks and expected this fatigue to hit like a ton of bricks. It was a bit more mild than that but it did slow my pace for the last 6 miles. Not to mention that I had a gradual climb to get back up to my house.

The Hoka's prove to be alleviating my chronic Achilles tendonitis. There were only a few times where I even remembered that I had Achilles issues and when that did happen, the pain was only about a 2-3 (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst). I still do not have a concrete reason why these shoes are so good for my condition but I am postulating some theories I will share in the future.

The last few miles of my run were spent marking the Kids that TRI Ghost Gallup 1k, 3k and 5k fun run course on a flat path around a lake and by then, I was running based on RPE. I did a little test and ran based on a 5-6 RPE with controlled breathing then glanced at my Garmin to notice that I was holding 8:05-8:10 pace for a solid 2 miles. Not bad considering I was 27 miles into my run!

Nutrition was spot on. I consumed 2 chocolate Generation UCAN in paste form, 8 SaltSticks and 70 ounces of water. Total time was 4 hours and 29 minutes and I averaged 8:58 minute/mile for the 30.1 mile run.

This experiment with Hoka's is turning out to be very positive. In fact, the bump on my Achilles which has been there for years even seems to be decreasing in size. And, this morning, while my body is tired, I feel very little muscle soreness and ZERO Achilles pain.

Today is a rest day. Sunday I may spin a bit on Powercranks. Monday is masters swim. Tuesday is a rest day then Wednesday is the big 40 miler. Oh, and it is supposed to snow with a high of 32. Should be fun.

Stay tuned...

Coach Bob