New adventure

It's Fall in Colorado and with that comes an innate drive within me to be on dirt in the mountains, either on a mountain bike or by foot. I thoroughly enjoyed my return to triathlon this summer and really liked going fast and short and will return to it next summer. However, the ultra-endurance athlete in me always lurks and it is screaming to get out now, during the most beautiful time of the year to run in Colorado (in my humble opinion).

Couple that with the fact that I have a birthday coming up soon (one that ends with "0") and a challenge in born! If you know me, I usually don't shy away from many challenges...the crazier the better and this is no exception.

My journey will be 4 weeks in length and in that time, I will be training for a 40 mile run. Typically something that would not be recommended for the normal athlete but I am far from normal (in many ways aside from just physical!). My training program will include a progressive long run build in 3-4 mile increments every 4 days, beginning with 13 miles on October 3rd. The last time I ran this long was at my half-Ironman on September 11. Should be interesting!

Stay tuned for weekly updates...I will blog and post updates on Facebook about how my body is responding and of course, my nutritional strategies, which will be 100% Generation UCAN based with extra electrolytes.

Let the fun begin!

Coach Bob