It's here...the Athlete's Food Guide to Metabolic Efficiency!

I am very pleased to announce that the Fuel4mance "Athlete's Food Guide to Metabolic Efficiency" e-book has officially been released! This is a collaborative effort from Bob and Dina and is a phenomenal resource for anyone who is using the Metabolic Efficiency concept (or thinking about it!).

This e-book provides so many great tools that will take much of the guesswork out of how to eat metabolically efficient. Included is background of carbohydrate to protein ratios and why they are important in controlling blood sugar and teaching the body to burn fat. We also have a series of carb to protein ratio tables listing dozens of foods that you can use to control blood sugar.

Additionally, we include sample meals so you can see how to put the foods together. All this in an easy, electronic download that you can save on your computer to access it anytime. It is a 49 page e-book offered for only $9.99!

You can read more about the e-book at the Fuel4mance website or you can order it by clicking HERE.

Coach Bob