Fueling Tip Friday

If it hasn’t been done already, you might be in “goal setting” mode as 2012 approaches. Goals give us direction for the future, challenge us to improve, or take on a feat we did not think possible. This is all well and good except sometimes we may not realize other elements that contribute to achieving a goal. For example, many athletes have goals such as setting a new personal best time in a marathon distance or finishing their first long course triathlon. Most athletes rely on their coach for help and assume this means harder and more focused training and that’s it. However, the coaches and athletes that bring nutrition coaching to the forefront alongside physical training become the success stories. These athletes achieve their goals... and often exceed them. So, you may not know it now, or even be ready to think about it right now, but nutrition coaching from a qualified sport dietitian is one of those “secret weapons” you can arm yourself with to make the goals a reality. Think about it for 2012.

Dina Griffin, MS, RD, CSSD
Sport Dietitian