5 weeks takes so long!

It's been 5 weeks since I have run and while I am not going stir crazy just yet, it is starting to get to me just a bit with the beautiful Colorado weather that has been around.  Just a quick update on my Achilles...it is actually getting better believe it or not!  I have been pretty sedentary (based on what I usually do) which has helped the healing process but I just couldn't stand it any longer last week so I dusted off the mountain bike and swim goggles and started to crosstrain.

I was able to get in the water once and wow, did I forget how much swimming "hurts" when you haven't done it in a while!  My muscles were fried after a 2000m swim but it did feel great to get back in the water again!

My biggest progression has been on the mountain bike.  I stuck my bike in the back of my car last week so I could ride it during lunches whenever possible.  I got out three times to explore the "trails" around the Olympic Training Center and after talking to some of the locals, I happened on a great trail that I have to go back and explore.  It's not the singletrack that I am used to around my house but it will certainly do because there is some good climbing and that's what I'm all about now!

I was able to log in 4 rides so far this week for a total of about 5.5 hours in the saddle.  Not too shabby.  The body feels great and my Achilles only bothers me slightly after the rides.  I do have to say that I have been tempted to go out and try a short, flat run but figured I would actually be smart and practice what I preach and lay low for a while longer.

My ride today took me up 1600 vertical feet on a great singletrack trail with amazing views of the Colorado mountains.  I told my wife that I would be back in 2 hours and I clocked in at 1:58:54! How's that for timing?!  And considering I took a nice tree branch to my nose and forehead that knocked my glasses off my head, that's not too shabby!  A little blood lost and some good wounds to show off at work on Monday but it was well worth it.  For, I am on the trails again and that is living the good life!  There's a good photo that shows the damage at the bottom of this blog.

And yes, I'll be on my bike again tomorrow for sure!  Just have to figure out how to get my sunglasses and helmet to sit just right without opening up the battle wounds of today!


Coach Bob