Six mountain bike rides...REALLY?

Ah, what a great week it was.  No, the Achilles is not better (yet) but it does seem like it is progessing closer to getting me on my trails again.  I think it would speed the healing process if I were sedentary for a while but that's just not going to happen!  I have been finding my other love on the mountain bike and thoroughly enjoying the fact that I live in Colorado nestled on the foothills of some awesome mountain biking!

I put in six rides this week (holy cow!).  Five were on my mountain bike and one little session on my PowerCranks.  About half of the rides were on true trails and the other half were close to work on bike paths.  I made sure I maximized that time by riding in my bigger gears to get some good leg strength built!

It's not running but it is keeping me from going crazy!  I did, per the request of my awesome PT Stuart Wilson at Champion Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, get my first ever pair of motion control shoes. Boy oh boy do they look heavy and very different from my normal stability and trail shoes but I'm all for anything that will help me get back running again.  I have the shoes in my home office just staring at me.  Probably not a good idea but it's a bit of a motivator!  I hope to start some shorter runs towards the end of the month if all goes well!

Enjoy a few photos that I took today during a hike with my family in Roxborough Park in Littleton to celebrate Father's Day.  It exemplifies the reason I live in Colorado as I am sure you will see by the breathtaking red rock formations!

And yes, my nose and face are fully healed!  The scabs were coming off this weekend so I helped them a bit and gave them to my oldest boy.  He got a kick out of that but we grossed out his mommy! 

Until next time...

Coach Bob