Beijing Bound

Only two days left and I am off to my first (of many, hopefully!) Olympic Games. I will be wearing many hats there and will spend the first 2 weeks as the sport dietitian for the US Olympic Committee where I will assess the Olympic Village food, meet with any athletes who should need assistance and do whatever the USOC needs me to do.

Then it's off to South Korea with USA Triathlon as their sport dietitian and coach for Sarah Haskins. I will be sourcing and overseeing the food production for our team here in addition to spending the last bit of time getting Sarah ready for her first Olympics. After the triathlon competition, I am back to the USOC operations in Beijing to help in any way that I can for the last week of the Games.

I'm not looking forward to being gone from the family for 5 weeks but this is going to be a fantastic experience and am proud to have been chosen by the USOC to assist them as well as by Sarah to be her coach throughout this exciting process.

I may not have access to updating my blog while there but will definitely have some great stories that I will blog upon my return.

Until next time...

Coach Bob