Nerves, nerves, nerves

As I enjoy my time on my couch at home for the last time for 5 weeks, I am reflecting on my thoughts about my trip to my first ever Olympics.  I have to say that similar emotions are beginning to surface as they do when I finish an Ironman or Ultra-run.  Joy, fatigue, sadness, anticipation...just to name a few.  

I will not see Sarah for two weeks so I just finished her training sessions for that time and although I am hesitant in posting two weeks of training for her since I am not with her to see how she is adapting physically and mentally to the workouts, I am confident that we can communicate well enough via computer to assess her readiness before she departs and make any necessary changes.  The next two weeks is crucial for her preparation for her first Olympics and while I cannot physically be there, her husband Nate will step up and implement the workouts I have given her and he will be my eyes on U.S. ground.  Sarah and I meet up again in South Korea on August 8 which gives us 10 days to put the final icing on the cake before her August 18 "date".

I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 2:45am to catch the SkyRide to the Denver airport.  Ah, brings back good memories of starting some of my long runs around that time earlier this year!   A short flight to San Francisco followed by a nice 3 hour layover before I spend some good time on my behind flying to Beijing.  Trying to pack light, I only have one larger suitcase and a backpack to hold me over for 5 weeks.  Clothes, hot pots, power converters and my refractometer to test urine specific gravity (this assesses an athlete's hydration status) are the contents of my big USA bag.  Should be interesting...especially if I make the 50 pound cutoff for my larger bag!  

I am nervous and my stomach has that same awkward feeling that I get before races but as I always tell my athletes, "if you're not nervous, you're not ready!".  I guess this means I am ready for one of the best opportunities that has been presented to me in the short amount of time I have been on this planet.  I will enjoy it to my fullest ability!

Be sure to watch the 2008 Summer Olympics (especially triathlon) on NBC in a couple of weeks.  Opening ceremonies are at 8pm on August 8th.  The Chinese love the number 8!

Until my next post...

Coach Bob