I am an Olympian!

As I think I mentioned before, in my travels coming over to China, I was confronted twice by people thinking that I was competing in the Games. Very nice I thought.

Well, I attended the US raising of the flag ceremony tonight (more on that later) and as I was walking into the Olympic Village with my US gear on, white Rudy Project sunglasses on my face and donning a USA Triathlon backpack, I was stopped by a camera crew. I was walking with a group of people and the crew literally pulled me from my group for an interview.

Now, I am thinking that this is a nice gesture and they just want to ask some basic questions about my thoughts on the Olympics and I am well versed in media training so I know what to say and what not to say so I was ready for anything. Well, almost anything that is. After asking me about how I liked the Olympic Village, they threw a curve ball at me. They asked if I was feeling good and confident to win a medal at the Games. I think my jaw dropped just a little and while I did have to pinch myself a bit for fear that I was temporarily in Bob's dreamland, I simply said, "I am going to do my best at helping our US athletes bring home as many medals as possible".

So you see, for a brief second, I was an Olympian and I have to be completely honest with you...it was a very overwhelmingly proud moment for me. I can't imagine how proud our athletes are to represent their country at this international competition.

As I was sitting during the Olympic flag raising for the United States, I did stop and reflect on how special that moment truly was for me. I don't think it had hit me until that moment..."I am attending the Olympic Games, the pinnacle of all sport endeavors and not only am I attending but I am a special part of the Games both as sport dietitian and as a coach to an Olympian".

As I have said before, I am truly blessed for this opportunity in life and will cherish this as long as I live.

Coach Bob