Olympics by the Numbers

How about these for some stats?

28 sports, 302 events
10,708 athletes
31 competition venues in Beijing
6 competition venues outside of Beijing (triathlon is one of them!)
82,215 Olympic volunteers (WOW!)
7,000,000 tickets sold (yes, that is 7 million!)
Just over $806 for a ticket to open ceremonies
Just over $433 for a ticket to closing ceremonies

596 US athletes on the Olympic team
30 sports that the US will compete in
The youngest US athlete is 15 years old (diving)
The oldest US athlete is 58 years old (sailing)
Three 5-time Olympians on the 2008 team (cycling, swimming and archery)
20 women on the US Olympic team are moms

Hope your eyebrows raised a bit when reading some of those figures...

Coach Bob