Leaving Cheju

Tonight marks my last night on Cheju Island and while I am a bit sad to leave, I am extremely eager for Sarah's race. I have officially shifted into "coach mode" and am looking forward to the next three days helping Sarah prepare for her Olympic debut.

Today was an interesting last day. I woke up, had a quick bite to eat then headed to the pool with Sarah and Nate for a short (3600 meters), quality swim workout. Sarah is swimming very well but even more importantly, she is finally used to the heat and humidity and I can tell by the way her body is responding. We came back, grabbed another quick bite then headed in the air conditioned strength room for a just over 1 hour bike spin. Then it was off for a 30 minute aerobic run with some strides. I was on her spare bike riding beside her and just as we began the run, the rain clouds quickly hovered over us and in about 10 minutes, a monsoon was hitting us hard. It was warm rain but it was coming down hard. We called it quits when we started to see lightning and by the time we got back inside, both of us were absolutely drenched from head to toe. All in all, the rain did not bother us and she had accomplished her training goals for the day.

After lunch, I gathered some gifts for our cooks at the training center as they have done a phenomenal job preparing the meals I have requested and then I hopped on the stationary bike for a quick 45 minute spin followed by a 20 minute strength workout.

Dinner and packing consumed my night and I am now ready to Skype my family before I head out to the airport tomorrow morning at the lovely hour of 5am!

Next post coming from Changping, China (just North of Beijing) where the triathlon venue is. We are staying about 4K away from the start.

Here is a photo I took from my balcony tonight after the rain had stopped and the skies cleared. The haze that you see is not pollution...it is humidity on my camera lens!

Coach Bob