What a great weekend!

It does not happen often enough but I had an absolutely fantastic weekend!  It began on Saturday morning coaching my U8 boys soccer team and I have to say that my boys made their coach proud.  They passed extremely well, opened up the field and hustled 100% of the time without giving up.  It is the best that I have seen them play all season!  Chase, my oldest son, managed to finesse a goal in the first half from what seemed like the most impossible angle on goal...and with his left foot no less!  He was surprised but very excited, especially after I just told him the day before how good of a left foot I had growing up.

Then the weekend just got better and better.  I went for a short (my longest in the past 6 months but short based on what I am used to) run with Chase riding his bike next to me and let me just say that I was struggling trying to keep up with that little speedster.  Then some good quality time with the kids washing the cars, playing soccer and just hanging out before my weekend was topped off by taking Chase up a beautiful local canyon for a 14 mile round trip bike ride.  Yep, my seven year-old did his longest ride to date and I cannot tell you how proud that makes this dad.  I see a future triathlete in the making!  

As I reflect on this wonderfully serene weekend, likely the last good weather one until the snow and cold hit, I leave you with some very enjoyable photos that I took on our bike ride today.  As you can see, the colors where I live are in true peak!  And yes, those are bighorn sheep beside my boy...we saw 17 of them on our ride today and as you can see, got within about 5 feet of them at times!


I honestly live in paradise.  Enough said!

Coach Bob