Partying with Hummus!

The family and I went to a holiday party last night and I was tasked, by the host, to come up with a healthier food option to bring since she knew everyone else would bring sweets.  Of course, I was up for the challenge and knew exactly what to bring.  

On a bit of a time budget, I whipped up another hummus creation that I thought I would share (can you tell I like hummus?)

Garbanzo beans
Black pepper
Sea salt
Olive oil
Lemon juice (I was out of lime)

Throw it all in food processor and voila!  My wife tasted it and thought it was a bit heavy on the garlic but there is no such thing to an Italian.  I was a bit worried since she has normal taste buds and I believe my taste buds to be resistant to garlic now but I had multiple praises at the party about this hummus.

Enjoy this wonderful appetizer at any holiday party you attend!

Coach Bob