Bob is racing again: The Right Stuff

Hopefully, you read my last post.  If not, stop right here, scroll down and read it first.

Okay, so you know that Bob is back on the racing scene and I'm coming back in full force this year.  No messing around!  I first signed up for the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race in 2004 because I needed another challenge other than Ironman triathlons.  Checked off the 100 mile mountain bike race in 2004 so I needed yet another challenge.  In 2005, I completed the Leadville 100 mile trail running race.

How do I continue to challenge myself?  Is there anything more than a 100 mile run at 10,000 plus feet in the Colorado mountains?

Well, yes, of course there is!  It's something they call Leadman.  Five official events comprised of races at severe altitude.  Now, I needed just a bit more so I added one more to the mix: another 50 mile run so it all breaks down like this:
-trail marathon
-50 mile mountain bike race
-50 mile trail run (the day after the 50 mile mountain bike race!)
-100 mile mountain bike race
-10k run (the day after the 100 mile mountain bike race)
-100 mile trail run

One of the best things about it is my best bro, Bobby, is joining me in this journey and my wife, Wendy, will be doing the Leadville trail marathon with me!  Great stuff!

Oh, and these are all done in 7 weeks time.  Crazy?  Nah.  I just say "welcome back Bob the athlete!".  The sabbatical is over!!!

Stay tuned...

Coach Bob