Whirlwind travel

Last weekend began my 5-week whirlwind travel schedule.  I was in Chula Vista, California over the weekend presenting at a USA Triathlon coaching clinic and working with 7 of our elite triathletes who were in town.  I had a great time with our elites providing some nutrition information and talks and had a great functional strength assessment session with them with the goal of trying to find their movement pattern imbalances.

Kevin, one of the athletes, challenged me before I started the strength assessment to find his imbalance and I am proud to say that I did!  It was pretty obvious after having him do a few tests.  

I even got in a nice run with the team.  I figured since it was their long run, I could manage to at least keep up for 90 minutes.  I made it but let me tell you, there is a small pace difference between their long runs and mine!  :-)   I was pretty tired (and starving) by the time we returned. Makes you step back and appreciate the paces our elites are running and the success they have.

So, I am off to the Gorilla Multisport (owned by my athlete and friend Gail Leveque) triathlon camp in Tucson this week then I head directly to Solvang, California to provide some of my nutrition expertise to Robbie Ventura's (former pro cyclist and teammate of Lance's) VisionQuest Coaching camp.

Back just in time on Sunday for my youngest son's birthday.  Can't believe my youngest is 4 years old.  How did that happen so quickly!

Golden nutrition nugget of the day: mix cilantro lime hummus with homemade veggie chili.  It is out of this world!

I'm off to go tackle my 13 mile trail run that ascends 1660 vertical feet (up to 7200 elevation).

Oh, and it's 60 degrees today in Colorado (yep, it is still February!).

Coach Bob