Last long run before Leadville...NUTRITION

What an epic run today! It was my last big volume run before Leadville. I went up to Boulder to run as I had to pick up the Kids that TRI race packets at the Rez. So, I met my good friend and running partner for an adventure. We started at 9:15am and I needed to be done by 2:00pm to pick up the packets and scoot home to pick up my son from school.

Everything started great. We ran part of the Boulder Backroads marathon course which is deceptively hilly. The total elevation gain was just under 1000 feet so the Achilles were not acting up too much and the pace was nice and aerobic.

It started to get pretty hot out there and we both ran out of fluid with about 4 miles to the cars. That was a tough 4 miles...all mental which was great prep for Leadville. I remember in my of my Leadville runs running out of fluid before I got to the top of Hope Pass and was miserable. Today proved to be okay. I just got inside my head, focused on my breathing and cadence and before I knew it, I was at my car.

I was just over 21 miles when I stopped at my car and strategically drank half of the Coke Cherry Zero that my wife was so nice to donate to me. Filled up my Nathan pack with the only water (warm) I had in the car (about 10 ounces) and proceeded to go around the Boulder Reservoir (aka-the Rez). My friend and I had separated as I was on a tight schedule so I took off clipping anywhere between 8:00-8:45 miles for the last few miles I had left.

The run around the Rez was pleasant but the water was so tempting to take a little dip. I refrained for a few miles, ran by the IronKids expo then jumped in the water for 3 minutes. It was quite warm so it wasn't like a refreshing river that I am used to post-long runs but I floated around and it helped for sure.

I quickly jumped out, headed to my car then picked up 17 race packets for my Kids that TRI team. Then it was a rush back home to pick up my son from school. Whew...what a day so far.

But, there was only one problem: I had only put in 26.4 miles in Boulder and my goal was 30. I could have easily called it a day but that's not the type of person I am. I made dinner for my boys then hopped on the treadmill for the last 3.6 miles in which I finished in 29:57. I was clipping off a great pace and feeling good.

Okay, okay, I know you are waiting to hear about my run nutrition. It's a doozy once again!

6:30am breakfast of UCAN chocolate and peanut butter toast
7:45-8:45 sipping on water with the Right Stuff in it
9:15-2:00 a combination of water with the Right Stuff, 1.5 First Endurance EFS bars, 3 Saltsticks, 1 Coke Cherry Zero, and a few gulps of water
2:30 First Endurance Ultragen on the ride back home
"Dinner" grapefruit and grapes and water
Treadmill in which I had 2 Clif Kid Z bars (I was absolutely starving!)

Run nutrition totals for the 4 hour and 54 minute, 30 mile run today (these are hourly totals for both runs):

Calories: 117
Carbohydrate: 18 grams
Protein: 3 grams
Fat: 2 grams
Sodium: 847 milligrams (a huge improvement from my last long run!)
Fluid: 15 ounces per hour (way under what I needed...)

There you have it! Another metabolically efficient run! I cannot wait until Leadville. T-minus 2 weeks and counting!

The next two weeks will include more vertical (Achilles aggravating) climbing with shorter distances to get ready for the Leadville climbs.

Stay tuned...

Coach Bob