Epic 31.2 mile long run

What a great long run I had on Thursday. Kind of a crazy day but I started my run at 9:00am. I knew it was supposed to be hot that day but part of being an ultrarunner is not paying too much attention to what time of the day I run. 100 miles takes you through it all so I need to be prepared for anything.

I decided to stay low again and only covered a total elevation gain of 1128 feet. I needed one more 30+ run on my Achilles for confidence reasons. Next week, I head up to the trails again to get some more vertical.

I was feeling pretty good the entire run. I did a 14 mile loop then went home to pick up my oldest boy and daughter as they wanted to do a 1k time trial run. So they biked to the course while I ran, I paced my son to a PR and I then escorted them back home and continued on to finish my run.

At about that time, it started to heat up and I started to feel it slightly. It wasn't until about mile 22 that I really noticed getting hot and dehydrated. I pushed on trying to get a good marathon training time (of which I clocked 26.2 miles in 3:58) and then did what I could to bring it home the last 5 miles. Boy, those last miles were tough. Ended up taking me 59 minutes to go 5 miles due to dehydration and the heat. I tried to find shade wherever possible but it was definitely not happening.

I made it home in 4 hours and 57 minutes, covering 31.2 miles. Yes, my Achilles did bother me but I put on a new pair of shoes and they minimized my pain slightly. The best part of the run was my nutrition and continued journey to metabolic efficiency. Be sure you are sitting down before reading this. They will shock you for sure!

Before my run:
7:30am: 1 packet chocolate UCAN

My hourly totals for my 31.2 mile run are:

Calories: 81
Carbs: 11.4
Protein: 6
Fat: 1.6
Sodium: 516
Water: 28 ounces

Post run:
1 packet chocolate UCAN, 2 scoops First Endurance Cappuccino Ultragen, 12 ounces Coke Zero (don't ask, it just works and my body craves the Coke for some reason even though I never drink the stuff on a regular basis)

As I mentioned last week, I need to really work on getting my sodium up a bit to decrease my fluid needs but I had no symptoms of hyponatremia thus I was listening to my body to guide my nutrition. It worked out great...well, except for Mother Nature turning up the thermostat!

Until next week when I engage in more vertical ascent...

Coach Bob