Fueling Tip Friday

This is not a fueling tip you can put into immediate practice, but rather, this is a tip to help with the future of your fueling!

If you have finished your “A” races for the 2011 season, think about where your nutrition might have failed you. Did you have a race where you had stomach issues such as bloating, cramping, loose stools, or lots of “toots”? Did you bonk? Maybe you didn’t realize the impact of nutrition on race day performance...or maybe you are one of the lucky ones starting to see the light! Know that you don’t have to suffer through those stomach and gut issues just to perform well. You actually don’t have to train your body to tolerate megadoses of carbohydrate to exceed in your sport, despite what you may read in sports nutrition media.

So, while some of your races are still fresh in your mind, make notes and give the Fuel4mance expert sport dietitians a call to get geared up for next season. You and your body will be happy you did it!

Dina Griffin, MS, RD, CSSD