Tuesday Timesaver Tip

If you tend to run out of fresh fruit or don’t have easy access to any fresh fruit during your day, bagged frozen fruit is a convenient option. You can stock up on a variety of frozen fruit at your local grocery store such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, mangoes, cherries, and peaches. Then, you can take out some frozen fruit the night before and keep in the refrigerator (the fruit will thaw overnight) or microwave for a few seconds to start the thawing process.

Other options for having fruit on hand is to buy extra quantities of fresh fruit when it is on sale, clean it and freeze for later use. And don’t forget to peel those overripe bananas and store them in the freezer! All of these fruits can be used the same way as fresh fruits. Mix them into yogurt and cottage cheese, blend in smoothies, add to whole grain high fiber cereals, or simply enjoy as part of any metabolically efficient meal.

Dina Griffin, MS, RD, CSSD
Fuel4mance, LLC