Tuesday Timesaver Tip

Last Friday, we provided a list of Fuel4mance books, DVDs, and services to consider giving as gifts to your athlete friends or family, or for putting on your own wish list for this season. If you still need a few last minute ideas for you or an athlete you know, think about timesavers for the kitchen and food preparation. Some ideas are:

  • Blender or hand blender: makes shakes and smoothies easy as pie...oops, I mean simple.
  • Mandoline slicer: you can adjust the thickness and cut of your vegetables and get them ready to go in a flash
  • High quality chef’s knife: not only effortless to slice and chop fruits and veggies but safer for your fingers than using a dull knife!
  • Steamer basket: fits into most pots and makes steaming veggies quick with easy clean up.
  • Food processor or mini food processor: what you need to purée, grate, slice, grate, chop, blend.
  • Slow cooker: throw everything in and let it do all the work while you do other stuff
  • Stackable transparent containers: to store bulk goods and keep them organized
  • Blender bottle: electricity-free blender for mixing your pre- or post-workout liquid nutrition
  • Food storage containers with lids: Pyrex has all sizes and the glass container won’t melt in the microwave
  • Lunchbox: how about an insulated, portable lunchbox to hold snacks and meals for the day?

These are just a few ideas that can make you or someone you know save some time and even have some fun with food prep!

Dina Griffin, MS, RD, CSSD

Sport Dietitian