First day in Changping

Changping is about 35 minutes North of Beijing and is where I am staying with the triathletes. I hit the ground running yesterday when I arrived. Once we boarded the bus for our hotel, I was thinking about how I would prepare the seven athletes dinner that night. Luckily, I am able to pick up food from our American dining facility where I was staying before and transport it to our hotel. I keep it cool in a big cooler and heat/cook the foods in a microwave that USA Triathlon purchased for me. It is pretty tight in my bedroom trying to prepare meals but I'm making it work. I love challenges so this is right up my alley.

Today, after making my morning drive to get the food, I came back, made the athletes lunches to go and then powerwalked 4k to the race venue to be with Sarah. She was allowed on the course from 10-12 and we wanted to chat about where she should choose her start position on the swim pontoon.

My credential that I received from the USOC luckily gets me full access to the venue and I am hoping that is the case on race day also. I was able to walk around everywhere on the course so enjoy some photos I took today.

This is a photo driving up to Changping from Beijing. Note the mountains and the blue skies. Wow! What a difference from when I left Beijing 1 week ago! The mountains here remind me of Aspen with the green coloring. Who'd of thought?

Here are some photos of statues along my walk up to the triathlon venue.

Here are some photos I took from the triathlon venue. Absolutely stunning when it is a blue sky day!

Coach Bob