Arizona and California

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have a bit of travel coming up.  This week started with a trip to Tucson, Arizona to do some nutrition and strength training work with the Gorilla Multisport Coaching Camp.  What a great group of athletes and coaches in attendance!  I rocked their world a bit with my metabolic efficiency concept then got to do a great 50 mile ride and 3 mile run off the bike with the group.  Thanks to Seton (owner of TriSports, www.trisports.com) as he let me borrow a bike for the ride.

Speaking of TriSports...this was the first time I witnessed their operation in Tucson and it is nothing short of amazing.  Their store is great but even more impressive is the warehouse where they inventory all of their items.  It is like a Home Depot for triathlon.  Utterly amazing!

As I type this blog, I am sitting in Solvang, California doing some nutrition work with Robbie Ventura's VisionQuest Coaching camp.  There are about 35 cyclists here and what a great area for a week-long cycling camp.  Robbie is a class act and runs a great camp from what I have seen.  I have never been to this part of California before and it is quite beautiful.  Perhaps an Elite Multisport Coaching destination in the future!

Next week it is back to Tucson to present at TRIFEST (www.trifest.com).  Should be a great time!  I'll report more on that in my next blog and hopefully will include some photos!

Coach Bob