Weight Loss

I am moving into my 16th year of being in this field and have to say that my knowledge base and views have changed quite a bit throughout based on the latest research but most importantly, on my hands-on experience with athletes of all ages and abilities.  I have learned a great deal about nutrition and athletes and tend to be one of the most "outside the box" sport dietitians around (at least that is what I am told!).  

I pride myself on this as I truly combine the research with the application of real-life nutrition strategies for athletes.  As I enter my 16th year, I have realized how popular weight loss and body composition changes.  Based on this, I have begun offering my Weight Loss for Athletes workshop around the country and have received some very, very positive feedback from participants.  Here are just a couple of nice things that some have commented to me about it:

"I just want to thank you so much for a brilliant class you delivered!  I loved all the information you shared and finally feel like I have better tools to embrace eating in a healthier way than ever before and to be able to more confidently support my clients, swim teams (age group and masters) and swim parents with nutritional strategies.  The information is simple, doable and most of all makes sense!  I've been trying out the "eat from the inside out" and boy what a difference in just 3 days!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Truly you have no idea how much your class supported me."

"I will absolutely say that you challenged my way of thinking about nutrition...well, actually, I think you probably just gave me permission to approach nutrition according to my but instead of by the numbers, myths and trends.  It's amazing that the idea of eating intuitively is somehow revolutionary...and yet it is, certainly in our sport.  I appreciate your courage to offer up your own model based on your experience.  So thank you!"

Stay tuned to www.fuel4mance.com for more information about when and where this workshop will pop up next.  You will see them in Los Angeles, Chicago, Clermont (Florida) and New York City.

Challenging conventional wisdom and the "why things have to be done this way" approach,

Coach Bob