3 states in 7 days!

What a crazy week of travel!  I was in Tucson, Arizona then San Francisco, California followed up by Clermont, Florida.  It was a crazy week but I managed to get some good runs in for the most part and continue my training for Leadman.

I'm on track with my training and am up to 2 hour runs and about 90 minute mountain bike rides.  The Achilles pain is still here but manageable.  I am extremely proactive about keeping it healthy, stretched and strengthened!

With all of the travel, I have managed to keep to my nutrition guns pretty well.  Nuts go a long way!

I made a killer stir-fry that the kiddos loved last night.  Sauteed some broccoli and cauliflower then took it off the heat and dumped in some olive oil so the veggies soak up the oil.  Added some higher protein pasta by Zone Living to it and made it a complete meal!  

My little tip for the day: when you cook with olive oil at high heat, you degrade the benefits of the oil so be sure to put the oil back into the mix when you take it off the heat.  


Coach Bob