Scottsdale and Santa Monica

I put in a good 4 days of travel last weekend.  My first took me to Scottsdale, Arizona where I was on the ground, literally, for 22 hours.  I presented to my sports nutrition peers at the SCAN annual conference pre-symposium.  It was great seeing some of my friends although it was only for a very brief time as I had to high tail it to the airport after my presentation to get to Santa Monica.

I landed in LA a couple of hours later and was greeted by Stewart and Bernard from TriFit.  That was the main part of my trip as I did three workshops for local athletes (weight loss, sports nutrition update and functional/neuromuscular strength training) along with spending time with Eric from TriFit (he is their exercise physiologist) to get him up to speed with lactate threshold interpretations.

Eric and I did 7 LT tests and had a great time with the athletes in giving them very useful and applicable information that they can use to improve their fitness.

Bernard and Gina Baski, owners of TriFit in Santa Monica, were my very gracious hosts and I thank them and everyone I had an opportunity to meet and spend time with as I had an incredible time and was very impressed with everything.

Up next...time to get over this illness I picked up last week before I left for my trip and get out on the trails.  Leadman is approaching!

Coach Bob