Super Pancakes

Some of you have heard (or seen if you have Googled my name) of my Super Oatmeal concoction. Well, Coach Bob has taken it to the next level to create my Super Pancakes.  A few times of experimentation and I have come up with some killer tasting and nutrient rich pancakes.  

Be forewarned, one pancake goes a long way so don't feel like you need to eat too many in one sitting (unless you are trying to gain weight).

As you know, I'm not a big fan of following recipes so there will not be that many amounts in my concoction.  Have fun with this as you are making it!

Super Pancakes

Whole grain pancake mix
Rolled oats
1-2 packages of Zone Living Chocolate Shake powder
Oil (canola or olive)
Dark chocolate cocoa baking powder
Whey protein powder
Skim or soy milk (your choice!)
Mini chocolate chips (if you want a super chocolately taste)
Frozen blueberries (microwave them so they are soft and warm when you put them in the batter)

Mmm, mmm good!  Have fun and enjoy!

Coach Bob