It's been a while since my last post...been a crazy month!  Let me provide a few updates...

1. Bob is finally on Twitter.  I know I'm a bit slow but give me a break...just trying to stay afloat with all of this cool technology out there!  Check me out at www.twitter.com/bobseebohar.  Pretty cool functionality on Twitter if I do say so!

2. Being the great husband I am, got my wife an iPhone for Mother's day.  Oh, and had to get one myself too since I am a Mac guy now!  It is an unbelievable phone and lives up to everything I have heard about it!

3. Fuel4mance, LLC is doing great along with Elite Multisport Coaching, LLC.  I have absolutely been loving being on my own for the past 6 months!  Really enjoying the freedom and ability to produce the ideas that have been floating in my head since I have time to devote to them.  Look for more great things to come!

4. I have had a couple of great meetings with Mix 1 (www.mix1life.com) and will be collaborating more with them in the future.  They are a fantastic Colorado based company that shares the same ideals and nutrition/wellness philosophy as I.  Stay tuned for good stuff to happen in the future!

5. Sarah Haskins, 2008 Olympian, is getting ready for her first race of the season in Madrid later this month.  We are all excited for her to get her season off and running.  Be sure to follow her progress at www.usatriathlon.org or www.sarahhaskins.com.

6. My Leadman training is going well.  Spending some great time on the trails running and biking.  Focusing a bit more on the run and just getting my confidence up on the mountain bike right now.  I have a 20 and 21 mile run under my belt now and what surprises me the most is how well I recover!  Seems like I have kept this to myself for whatever reason as more and more people and my athletes are wondering what I am doing this summer. So, let me put it out there so everyone is in the "know".  The Leadman series is a series of 5 races at altitude (10,200 feet and above for most of the time).  However, I threw in another 50 mile run for the sake of doing it.  It starts on July 11 with the trail marathon (cool thing is that my wife is doing it also!).  July 25 is the 50 mile mountain bike race followed the next day by the 50 mile trail run (yes, the next day!).  Then a bit of a break before the 100 mile mountain bike on August 15 followed by a 10k road running race on August 16.  The finale is slated for August 22-23 as I will be tackling the 100 mile trail run again.  I have done both the 100 mile bike and run separately but really wanted that next challenge this year.  Since I knew I would have more time to train being on my own, I am going for it!  You may be thinking its crazy and while I do tend to agree for the most part, the most difficult thing about these races is the altitude.  Running 100 miles is actually a lot easier than you would think!  I know...I'm crazy but I speak the truth!

7. My son's last soccer game of the season was today.  I was so impressed with him and the rest of our team today.  Unbelievable playing!  It's the type of play that as a coach, you just sit back and smile.  Don't really know what to say...I'm so proud of all of our boys (the Cheetahs!). Chase played the best I have ever seen him play today...aggressive, challenging the ball, first to the ball and 4 sweet goals.  Two were just downright gorgeous!  Very proud of my almost 8 year-old!

8. I'm filming my strength DVD with Endurance Films and USA Triathlon on Monday and am looking forward to providing my knowledge in a DVD format for all athletes to benefit from! Then heading to Las Vegas to hold two nutrition workshops hosted by NixTriChix (www.nixtrichix.com) and Las Vegas Multisport (www.lvmultisport.com).  Looking forward to meeting some Las Vegas endurance athletes!

Phew!  I think that's about it for the latest and greatest from Bob's world.  Until next time...

Coach Bob