Kids summer triathlon camp

I'm pretty excited, and thus needed to blog, about the kids summer triathlon camp that I am organizing through Elite Multisport Coaching.  It targets 7-15 year-olds and the goal is to increase physical activity in kids and introduce them to the wonderful sport of triathlon.  Susan Williams and I are teaming up with a local Mom, Mary W., to host it and it's just one of those things that just makes you feel good inside.

I love working with kids and seeing their faces glow with excitement.  My oldest, Chase, will also be participating.  He always hears Daddy talking about it and now he is going to experience it for himself!

It's an 8-week summer camp, meeting once a week for 1.5 hours.  We are going through all the good stuff: open water swimming, biking, running, transitions, sports nutrition and having a running race and duathlon.  Then, to top it off, we are going to take the kids down to Colorado Springs on August 8 to participate in the USA Triathlon Youth Triathlon Olympic Festival (for those that want to).  I mean, does it get any better?

Okay, enough excitement for the evening.  I'm off to Chicago to present at the Great Lakes NSCA Strength and Conditioning State Chapter annual conference and am the keynote speaker! How about that one, eh?  I've never been a keynote speaker before and am truly honored!

Until next time...

Coach Bob