Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts/reflections by Coach Bob:

1. Running a marathon (in training) is okay after only running two days the previous week.  Even better doing it the day after a monster climb road bike ride of 45 miles climbing up to 8300 feet.

2. Achilles problems are chronic.  You actually have to stop running for a good portion of time and get treatment for it to become better.  Yeah, that's not going to happen!  Check in with that one after the Leadman series this summer!  

3. Watered down and salt spiked hummus (garbanzo beans, salt, olive oil and water) is okay during a long run but doesn't give as much energy as I had hoped.

4. White bread+processed cheese singles+Smart Balance mayo are da bomb during long runs.

5. Spaghetti-Os work okay during long runs.  Good energy and not a high degree of GI distress but won't use them again too near in the future!

6. It's tough to be mostly vegetarian and be metabolically efficient but I am trying and experimenting.  Week 1 completed with no to very little whole grains at all.  Next metabolic test coming up this week.

7. Teaching kids about the sport of triathlon rocks.  Elite Multisport Coaching is doing an 8-week kids summer triathlon camp in Littleton, Colorado and it is just plain awesome!

8. My almost 8 year-old made his dad proud at the first kids triathlon camp session tonight.  I see a future endurance athlete in the making.  Just can't stop thinking about it!

Okay, enough for tonight.  Be sure to keep up with me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/bobseebohar.

Coach Bob